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V&L (Shanghai) International Inc is one of the leading China gauze roll manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory, which is able to produce best CE certification gauze roll. If you are looking for cheap, high-quality, discount, or want to wholesale products, please feel free to contact us.







4-ply Gauze roll 40S/30×20

The gauze is pure 100% cotton fabric,degreased and bleached by advanced way to ensure superior purity and absorbency.It includes two types:x-ray and non x-ray.The quality meet the standard of English Medical Dictionary.The product has no fluorescence. It is used widely in medical circle and other area.



4-ply Gauze roll 40S/26×18



4-ply Gauze roll 40S/19×15



4-ply Gauze roll 40S/20×12

4-ply Gauze roll 40S/12×18

2-ply Gauze roll

Open and plain Gauze Roll

2-Ply Ellipse Gauze Roll

40S×40S 36″ 4-Ply Gauze Roll

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V&L (Shanghai) International Inc

May we take the liberty to introduce our company, V&L ( shanghai ) International INC. V&L is dedicated exclusively to the production of different kinds of elastic bandages along with a variety of non woven and sontara materials such as apparels and surgical drapes with and without adhesives, surgical gowns, cotton gauze, etc…


Our strength lies in the sophistication of advanced technologies and the rooted experiences of our highly motivated team. V&L 's in – house quality control procedures meet the strictest standards providing unmatched quality. With our factory located in Shanghai China, V&L has achieved over the years to offer products with unparalleled quality and reliable consistency.


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